About Us

Synergy Electric

We are proud to say that Synergy has been operating and bringing value to clients since 2003. Home base for Synergy is out of Regina, Saskatchewan. We have taken on projects all over the prairies  spanning across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Our company values dedication, cooperation, and a commitment to excellence. Dedication to follow a job through to completion lends to the integrity of who we are. Cooperation as a team allows us to put in the long days, weeks, and months together. It also establishes good communication with our clients and leads to the many longstanding relationships that we have established in our field of work. And of course, a commitment to excellence is paramount when working under precarious situations at times. Additionally, because of this commitment, Synergy has become a COR certified company under the Saskatchewan Safety Association. We are devoted to ensuring the safety of our staff as well as a detailed eye in the skilled work that we do.

Beyond our immediate team, we work closely with Stockdale Electric Motor Corp who provide electrical engineering. We also partner with Todd & Sargent, Grainland, Faball Welding, Orion, and PTC Construction.

If you are interested in partnering with us to do electrical for your major project, see our contact page and send us a message.